Ceiling, Attic and Exhaust Fans

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When it comes to the comfort of your home, electric fans are arguably one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Adding one to your room, attic or workshop can lower your energy costs and increase ventilation.

Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans will not lower the temperature of your room, they can increase air flow and circulation that makes your home feel cooler without the expense of turning on your air conditioner. Imagine being able to open the windows during spring or fall nights and let the ceiling fan guide the deliciously cool air into your bedroom. Or sitting underneath a spinning ceiling fan on your patio on a warm summer day with a cold drink in your hand. If you have not looked into ceiling fans lately, you will likely be surprised by all of the colors, styles and sizes that are available. Schedule your free in-home estimate today to find out how ceiling fans can lower your cooling costs in style.

man installing a ceiling fan

Attic Fans

Attics are notorious for trapping heat inside. Not only does this condition increase cooling costs in the hottest months of the year, inadequate attic ventilation can damage the items you store there as well as the asphalt or architectural shingles on your roof. Ideally, your attic temperature should be as close to the temperature outside as possible. If not, it may be time to add an attic fan. Attic fans are designed with a thermostat that allows them to turn on and circulate hot air out of your attic when it reaches a certain temperature. Not only do attic fans preserve the structure of your home, they can dramatically reduce your cooling costs.

Ventilation Systems

Workshops, commercial buildings, even commercial kitchens all require ventilation systems to maintain safe working spaces. With the flick of a switch you can remove smoke, fumes or other pollutants and vent them outside, leaving you with clean air and safe work space. Not sure what type of ventilation system is right for you? Our experienced electricians can help you select the level of ventilation and location for your system.

Whether you are looking for a ventilation system, a ceiling fan or an attic fan, let the pros at TAG Electrical Contractors show you why we are Baltimore’s favorite electricians. Call today for your free in-home estimate.