Custom Recessed Lighting Installation

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Modern homes and office buildings have one thing in common – they are all very well lit. Most of the time, these spaces achieve this with recessed lighting throughout the space. Offering beautiful, diffused lighting without infringing on the architecture of the room, recessed lighting options can light the nooks and crannies of your home.

Overhead Recessed Lighting

Whether your ceilings are vaulted or traditional height, overhead recessed lighting, also known as “can lights” can add brightness and dimension to your entire space. Recessed lighting is energy efficient, customizable and can be placed on dimmer switches so you can set the mood in any room of your home. Best of all, overhead recessed lighting is easily installed into both finished and unfinished spaces. From your dark living room to your unfinished man cave, you can enjoy beautiful overhead light with our recessed lighting options.

man installing a ceiling fan

Under Cabinet Lighting

If you are tired of working under dark cabinets or trying to dodge your shadow when you cook, under cabinet lighting is for you. Using the unused spaces underneath your kitchen cabinets, our customized lighting solutions can shed light into every corner of your kitchen. Not only does this enhance your ability to see what you are stirring, it gives an added measure of safety when you are using sharp objects.

Outdoor Lighting

As beautiful as recessed lights are inside, most people don’t realize how much of a difference recessed lighting can make outside. Imagine being able to see around the perimeter of your home with the flick of a single switch. With recessed lights installed into the soffit you can! Or picture the perfect patio lit with periodic recessed lights. No worrying about fixtures being broken in Maryland wind or snow storms. Just bright, beautiful lights where you need them.

Even if you are unsure about the type and style of recessed lights you want, let our expert electricians show you the possibilities. Call now for your free in-home estimate for your recessed lighting project. Our estimates are non-commission which allow us to offer you the best prices on high quality, customized lighting solutions. Let us show you why we have been Baltimore’s preferred electricians for more than 30 years.