Electric Car Charger Installation

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One of the biggest selling points of purely electric vehicles is their ability to charge from a regular old outlet in your home. What many manufacturers don’t tell you is that it could take up to 18 hours to completely charge a car battery in an electric vehicle this way. Fortunately, there is another way.

Installing a 240 volt charger at home is far easier than you might believe. Rather than plugging your car into a regular 110 volt outlet, imagine plugging into a 240 volt charger that can completely charge your vehicle in around 3 hours. Now it is possible to enjoy the same convenience as commercial charging stations from the comfort of your own home.

What You Need to Know

While it may seem simple to add a higher voltage charging station, in reality it requires a high degree of skill to be able to safely harness that level of energy. Not only will a higher voltage fuse be added to your panel, your charging station will require specialized equipment that is compatible with your vehicle to ensure a safe connection. Make no mistake, while the charging cord can be taken with you when you move, this is meant to be a permanent improvement to your home.

electric car charger installation

I don’t have a garage, can I still have an electric car charger station installed?

Yes! While charging your car inside of a garage is preferable for the security of your car, you do not need a garage to have an electric car charger station installed. Weatherproof equipment can be installed that is rain, snow and dust resistant. These charging stations are ideal for detached garages that do not have electrical wiring or older garages whose wiring cannot stand up to the number of AMPs required for this type of workload.

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