Phone & Cable Wiring

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Phone and cable wiring are not typically associated with electrical work. Today’s phone, internet, and cable needs require intricate knowledge of how electricity works and how it should be run in your home.

Phone Wiring

Even as more and more people are cutting the phone cord, the need for phone wiring in the home remains as internet services still often use phone lines to set up in-home wireless networks. Whether your phone wiring is old, inconveniently placed, or not equipped for internet, the experts at TAG Electrical Contractors can help repair, replace or install phone wiring that is both convenient and efficient.

man working on phone and cable wiring

Cable Wiring

Whether you are building a new home, creating an addition, or finishing a basement, cable wiring is an important thing to install in your space. Whether you are creating a home theater system or simply want to watch the game from a TV in your new master bedroom, our electricians can help install cable wiring for any television service.

What should I consider when having a new phone or cable wiring installed?

One of the biggest things to consider is where you are planning on using your telephone, internet or cable-enabled devices. If you are planning on having a wireless network in your home connected to a cable or fiber optic line, you may want to consider placing your router in the center of your home. If you are designing a home theater, you will want cable wiring in a convenient location behind where the TV will hang.

You will also want to consider how you will use your phone or cable wiring. A DSL internet service provider will rely on your phone lines while cable or satellite internet companies typically require cable lines. This will determine where and how the wiring in your home is placed.

For more information on ways you can use a phone or cable wiring in your home, or to discuss your phone or cable wiring needs, contact the experts at TAG Electrical Contractors for a free in-home estimate. Our combined total of more than 60 years of experience can take you from discovery through installation complete with honest, up-front pricing.