Smoke Detector Installation & Replacement

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, smoke detectors sounded in more than half of all of the home fires reported to fire departments in the US between 2009 and 2013. However, for every five fire-related deaths in homes, three happened where there were no working smoke detectors in the building. Even in homes where smoke detectors and fire alarms were installed, almost half were missing batteries or had been disconnected because they were going off when they shouldn’t. That is why every home in Maryland should be equipped with functioning smoke detectors that are hard-wired to the home’s electrical system.
If your home does not currently have smoke detectors, now is the time to have them installed. Not only is it important to have them systematically placed throughout your home, having them installed by a professional electrician means they can be connected to the power supply in your home. This allows your smoke detectors to continue to work even in the absence of a battery.

man installing smoke detector

Do Hard Wired Smoke Detectors Chirp?

There you are, lying awake at night when suddenly you hear a chirp from another part of the house. A few minutes later, the chirp sounds again. And again. Half-crazed you search out the chirping smoke detector with a low battery and rip it from its housing on the ceiling, determined to go back to bed. Sound familiar?

Truth is, that chirping is an alert that the battery in your smoke detector is running low. While smoke detection systems that are hard-wired to your home’s main power supply rely on the electricity in your home to work, they do have a battery backup. Once that battery begins to run low, your system will alert you with that annoying chirping noise until you replace the battery backup. The easiest way to avoid ripping the detector from your ceiling in the middle of the night? Set an alarm in your phone to change the backup batteries in all of your smoke detectors every six months. Not only will this keep your smoke alarms running smoothly, it will help you avoid the incessant chirping that causes so many people to disconnect their systems.