When a natural disaster strikes, electricity is usually the first utility to go. Losing power can be a hassle when it happens for a few hours, but imagine living without power for days or even weeks on end. When the power goes out, you not only lose the lights, you also lose your ability to keep food cold, cook, heat or cool your home, have hot water, or use your appliances.

Never Lose Power Again

Imagine having a power source right in your yard. With customized, installed natural gas or propane generators, TAG Electric is giving Baltimore area residents the gift of perpetual electricity. No more wondering when the power is going to come back on or worrying about the food in your fridge or freezer. No more hoping the power outage does not outlast your durable medical equipment battery. Your whole home generator automatically starts when your electricity stops, powering your home as long as the fuel source lasts. Once the power comes back, the generator automatically stops.

man installing a ceiling fan

Whole Home Generator Installation

Installing a whole home generator is not as easy as buying a generator at a hardware store and putting it outside. There are three considerations to take into account.

  1. Fuel. Generators need to have a power source. In homes that are stubbed for natural gas, that is the preferred method of power generation. Clean burning and readily available, natural gas generators are reliable and long lasting. In homes that do not have natural gas, propane is a great alternative fuel source. Large tanks are placed alongside the generator and periodically filled by propane delivery services.
  2. Generator Size. The size of generator you need will depend on the size of the house you have. A larger home with more inhabitants will require a larger generator to create the amount of power you need.
  3. Getting Power to the House. Once the generator is set, how do you get power to the house? It takes an experienced electrician to install a generator that can power the main breaker box of your home. Older homes may even need to have a new breaker box installed before a generator can be added.

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